Acne Surgery

When your acne does not seem to respond to medications, acne surgery is an option. Acne surgery is the surgical removal of the different types of acne. This procedure involves comedone (blackheads) extraction, and draining and extraction of large acne cysts. Comedone extraction is done by putting gentle pressure around the pore opening to extract the contents of blackheads, and a small incision is done before using a comedo extractor for whiteheads.

Cortisone injections are also given to flatten out large pimples and cysts in a short amount of time. For inflamed acne cysts, cortisone injections may be given to flatten them out in a short amount of time, reduce pain and probably prevent scarring. For those who develop scars from acne surgery, there are treatments that will help reduce its appearance such as chemical peels and laser treatments.

Dr. Rami Abadi will determine which one of these procedures would be the best for your case in order to get the proper treatment for your exact type of acne. Squeezing and pricking acne may make acne worse, become infected and eventually lead to permanent scarring, so it’s best to discuss your treatment options for the best solution.