Treatment of Dark Circles

Treatment of Dark Circles

Dark undereye circles are an easily recognizable condition that can result from stress, fatigue, heredity, aging, and other factors. Dark circles appear under the eyes more often on older individuals as the skin around the eyes loses elasticity. Because the skin around the eyes is subjected to more stress than most other areas of the skin, this is one of the earliest problem areas for many patients.

There are a variety of treatments available that can remedy the condition, and most are relatively non-invasive.  They incluce teh following:

1) Many topical creams are available that have been specifically designed to address undereye circles. Common ingredients include chamomile and vitamin E.

2) Laser resurfacing and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL™) treatments are good options because they can reduce or eliminate the appearance of prominent veins and capillaries.

3) Chemical peels, too, can be effective in rejuvenating skin around the eyes to eliminate dark circles by exfoliating damaged upper layers of skin to reveal new, healthier skin.

4) Injectable dermal filler procedures such as collagen injection and fat transfer can be used to augment recessed areas to eliminate the shadowing that can give the appearance of dark undereye circles.